Pinot Blanc

A colour mutation of Pinot Noir that appeared independently in several places, Pinot Blanc was first mentioned in 1868 in Burgundy (F) where it was long confused with Chardonnay. In Switzerland, this early maturing grape variety, which is susceptible to fungal diseases, was introduced in the 1970s. It produces powerful wines with moderate acidity, which are highly prized in gastronomy.

Approximately 114 hectares (0.78%) of the Swiss wine-growing area is planted with this variety.

The canton of Geneva, with only 9% of the Swiss wine-growing area, holds the prize with its 39.7 hectares of Pinot Blanc. It is the most cultivated white grape variety after Chasselas (270 ha), Chardonnay (114.8 ha) and just after Sauvignon Blanc (40.4 ha).